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@2019 Equestrian Team Apparel 

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Customize Your Apparel with Vinyl Text & Designs

Customization is available on our products and you can do multiple spots for only $10


Here's how to customize your shirt with Vinyl text & designs:


Step 1 : If you'd like to add your monogrammed initials or a name pick what color you would like it in, please pick a solid or glitter color (not both) and add what you'd like it to say on the line for Step 4


Step 2 : If it's a monogram, add the style you'd like. If it's a name add the font you'd like (do not pick both)


Step 3 : Add a design from the 2 lists attached (please choose only one)


Step 4 : Tell us what shirt in your shopping cart you'd like to add this to. Please include name and/or initials for monogram. Include placement directions on where to add these details. 

Please include ALL instructions i.e. customization location(s) [left chest, right chest, back, left arm, right arm, back of collar), color, and etc.


Our sunshirts, jackets, vests, and even hats have many custom placement options. Feel free to e-mail us your logo if you have one and/or you can fill out the customization box below!


Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or need some help with your design! Our contact is below

    Step 1 : Vinyl Color (Plain)
    Step 1 : Vinyl Color (Glitter)
    Step 2 : Monogram
    Step 2 : Font
    Step 3 : Logo options
    Step 3 : More Logo options